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Brand: Veterans Choice Creations

Veterans Choice – Funky Charms – 3.5g


*Product:* 3.5 Gram Jar of Veterans Choice Creations Limited Select Flower *Cultivar Name:* Funky Charms *Lineage/Breeder:* Confidential *Grower:* Full Spectrum Ag, Mayfield, NY *Potency:* 20% Total THC, 23% Total Active Cannabinoids *Terp %:* 1.5% featuring Limonene, Trans-Caryophyllene, Beta-Myrcene, and Linalool *About the Strain:* Funky Charms is your ticket to a whimsical journey, brought to you by Full Spectrum Ag in Mayfield, NY. This 3.5-gram jar of Veterans Choice Creations Limited Select Flower offers a potency of 20% total THC and 23% total active cannabinoids. Each bud is a marvel of fine cannabis cultivation, promising an experience that’s anything but ordinary. *Effects:* While we don’t make medical claims, users of Funky Charms often describe feeling a cheerful blend of mental clarity and soothing relaxation. This unique balance makes it a popular choice for unwinding without feeling overly sedated. *Terpene Profile:* With a 1.5% terpene concentration, Funky Charms delights the senses. Key notes include Limonene for a citrusy twist, Trans-Caryophyllene for a touch of spice, Beta-Myrcene for an earthy base, and Linalool for a hint of floral aroma. *Dosage:* For those new to cannabis, a single puff from a vaporizer or a modest amount for combustion is recommended. Seasoned users may prefer multiple puffs or a fuller bowl to achieve their desired experience. As always, start low and go slow. *How to Use:* This premium flower is best enjoyed through combustion or vaporization. Choose your preferred method to fully appreciate the intricate flavors and effects that Funky Charms delivers.

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