green and brown leaf plant

Brand: Rythm

Rythm – Brownie Scout – (Teal)

Indica HybridTHC:26.21%

Brownie Scout rushes the crowd with a blazingly intense initial surge, then dives into an exultant indica trance. This award-winning indica is one of the hardest-hitting strains around with its high-THC levels and pungent bite of spice, chocolate, and earth. This Green Thumb Industries exclusive will leave you breathless and transported.

Get strapped in for a ride that ends on the couch. Brownie Scout is a potent, powerful gal that gives a bold ‘in-your-face’ high. She has rich purple leaves, long thin orange hairs, and a thick frosty coating of tiny bright white crystal trichomes. She’s intense at the beginning and may finish with sedating, sleepy effects. Our RYTHM Grow team says that Brownie Scout is one of the densest strains that we grow; she packs a huge punch!

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About the brand :

RYTHM is a national cannabis brand with a singular promise: to provide consistent, authentic experiences that empower consumers to live their best lives. Rythm’s streamlined product suite and intuitive effect scale simplify the cluttered and confusing universe of cannabis products, while their tireless commitment to innovation in technology and horticulture ensures quality and reliability.

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