green and brown leaf plant

Brand: Rolling Green Cannabis

Rolling Green – Twizzle Dance – 3.5g


As the name suggests, Twizzle Dance has some energetic party beats on the front end, with plenty of citrus brightness from limonene and farnesene. A small-but-noticeable hit of myrcene on the back will put some consumers on the couch, while providing others with a nice body buzz. Your mileage may vary.

Energetic or relaxing, depending on how the myrcene hits. A good nighttime smoke. Citrus-fruity uplift on the front with grounding earthiness on the back end.

Terp Family: Fruity, Earthy; Flavors/Aromas: Lemon, Green Apple, Mango; Experience: Energetic, Chill; Boosts: Music, Dancing, TV.

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