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Brand: Nightshade Farm

Nightshade – Hella Jelly Full Spectrum Vape Pen


Indulge in the ultimate cannabis experience with our premium

Hella Jelly Full Spectrum All-In-One Rechargeable Vape Pen!

Created from a perfect genetic cross between Very Cherry x

Notorious THC from our friends at The Humboldt Seed Company.

This nug run oil is carefully crafted using Cryo-Ethanol extraction

of A-Grade cured trimmed flower, ensuring potent top-notch

quality and terpene preservation. With an impressive THC

concentration of 67.42% and 7% Terpenes (4.03% BETA-

CARYOPHYLLENE) it is both potent and super flavorful. This

Vape is a total score for any cannabis connoisseur on the go!

Prepare for a high that creeps up and hits you hard. The effects

are potent, offering happy, focused but lazy feelings without

inducing fatigue. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to unwind

and have a great time, making it an ideal companion for activities

like playing video games.

As you savor each inhale, you’ll be treated to a flavor explosion of

cotton candy, dried strawberry, and jello/whipped cream, leaving a

lasting impression. Hella Jelly’s terpene profile ensures a truly

satisfying and flavorful experience.

Experience the next level of cannabis enjoyment with Hella Jelly.

Elevate your sessions and explore the world of concentrates in a

convenient format. Order yours today and embark on a euphoric

journey with Hella Jelly, the high-powered sativa dominate hybrid

that sets a new standard for cannabis indulgence.

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