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Brand: MyHi

MyHi – Simply Flavorless Single Stick – 10mg

Sativa HybridTHC:10mg

Fast-Acting Nano-emulsified THC + Energizing Caffeine derived from Green Coffee Bean Extract, all delivered in a single serve, On-The-Go Stir STIK to quickly infuse any drink for an energizing hi.

Our signature Simply Flavorless blend is the perfect companion to elevate any drink, with no adjustment to the taste. With a quick onset that never peaks or leaves you feeling tired, MyHi is ready for your active lifestyle. It’s your new favorite party drink or go-to for a busy day.

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About the brand :

MyHi is a premium all-natural THC powder delivered in a convenient Stir STIK that elevates any drink. It’s a healthier, more discreet alternative to calorie and sugar-loaded edibles, or to the harmful long-term effects of smoking.

Plus, the quick onset lets you manage your journey and ensure it never goes past the destination.

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