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Brand: Hudson Cannabis

Hudson Cannabis – Papa Smurf – 7pk Prerolls


Papa Smurf tastes like sweet berries steeping on a wet forest floor, with an aroma of black cherry and pine. A Sativa-Leaning Hybrid that offers a gradual, euphoric high that’s gentle on your vessel. This strain’s Myrcene and alpha-Pinene terpenes are true to its Blue Dream lineage, as it’s great for slow, creative endeavors. Cotton Candy x Blue Dream *THC potency claim is made by the cultivator and USQTA in no way attests to the accuracy of the claim.

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About the brand :
Hudson Cannabis

Grown in the Hudson Valley from a single origin in living, organic soil for a potent high dictated by nature’s brilliance and place. One handful of sun-fed living soil contains as many microorganisms as there are people on Earth. Harnessing the complexity of these biological relationships isn’t just better for the planet. It creates a more complex product. We grow our cannabis in living soil because we prefer a more flavorful high that doesn’t put chemicals and inorganic fertilizers into our bodies.

Farmed in living soil with the full power of the Sun and according to the cycles of the Moon, to tap into the best of you. The bodies of humans and plants are affected by the cycles of the Moon, Sun, and Earth, which is why we use these planets as guides in our farming practices and pay attention to their cycles when consuming cannabis.

We proudly grow a diverse range of unique genetics made possible through our extensive work with legacy seed vaults. By growing in organic living soil, we’re able to produce incredibly complex and diverse Cannabinoid and Terpene profiles within the genetics we offer.

Our farm is nurtured by legacy farmers with a long family history in cannabis. We are proudly women-led and employee-owned. It is the mission of Melany and Freya, as the women leaders and Co-Founders of Hudson Cannabis, to restore the Earth and its people through the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. Our mission to restore people’s relationship with Earth led their family to transition the company to employee ownership.

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