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Brand: TICAL

High Peaks – TICAL – The Method – 2pk PreRolls


Method Man’s Exclusive 2 Pack Sativa Pre-Rolls

Lineage – Chemdog x Sour Diesel x Super Skunk

Dominance – Hybrid

Dominant terpenes – Limonene, Humulene, Terpinolene

Effects – Energetic, Uplifting, Creative

Characteristics – Citrus, Sour, Skunk, Gas

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About the brand :

TICAL was coined a cannabis term in 1993 and has since became a part of hip hop’s vernacular. TICAL has not only become tightly woven into the tapestry of both hip hop and cannabis culture alike, it has also reflected an entire movement, lifestyle, and swagger — emblematic of the man who created it.

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