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Brand: Full Melt

Full Melt – Original Caramel (Caramels)


A twist on a classic confection, Full Melt Caramels are premium edible treats made with twice refined distillate and natural ingredients including real white chocolate, butter, cream, and Madagascar vanilla bean. Rigorously tested by third-party state-certified labs for their quality and potency, our award- winning cannabis-infused caramels are sure to go above and beyond expectations. Contains 10 individually wrapped caramels for easy sharing, and 10mg THC in each piece for a consistent dose.

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About the brand :
Full Melt

High-quality cannabis confections.

Delighting our customers with delicious, high-quality cannabis confections by using wholesome ingredients and innovation to ensure consistency. Originally formulated in Colorado in our state-of-the-art processing facility, Full Melt offers a twist on your favorite classic confections. Our premium edible treats are made with the best ingredients and infused with cannabis distillate.

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