green and brown leaf plant

Brand: Electraleaf New York

ElectraLeaf – Bernie Hanna Butter Joint – 1g



Deeply relaxing effects

BernieHana Butter, a Leafly Strain of Summer 2022, represents an exceptionally refined cross of various Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) genetics, blending (Jet Fuel Gelato x Guava) with (Blue Cookies x Oreoz). This meticulously crafted hybrid has garnered attention for its remarkable qualities. Users delight in aromas reminiscent of butter and dough, complemented by a captivating medley of funky, floral, berry, and gas notes. With exceptionally high THC scores, BernieHana Butter is recognized for its deeply relaxing effects, akin to those of an indica-dominant hybrid. The intricate combination of GSC genetics in this strain contributes to a sensory experience that resonates with cannabis enthusiasts. BernieHana Butter stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of cannabis strains, offering a refined and enjoyable option for those seeking a potent and relaxing encounter.


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