green and brown leaf plant

Brand: Bone Creek

Bone Creek – Gspot – 3.5g


G Spot is a hybrid weed strain made from a genetic cross between Gushers and Peanut Butter Breath. This strain is 60% sativa and 40% indica. With its enigmatic name, G Spot is a strain that’s sure to intrigue and delight cannabis enthusiasts. G Spot boasts a THC content of 18%, making it an ideal choice for experienced cannabis consumers seeking a well-rounded high that combines cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation. Beginners should exercise caution due to its moderate potency. Leafly customers report that G Spot effects include feeling euphoric, relaxed, and uplifted. This strain is known for its mood-enhancing properties and the ability to inspire artistic and imaginative thinking. Medical marijuana patients often turn to G Spot when dealing with symptoms associated with fatigue and cramps. Its balanced hybrid nature provides relief without excessive sedation, allowing patients to manage their conditions effectively.

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