green and brown leaf plant

Brand: Bone Creek

Bone Creek – End Game Punch Line – 3.5g


The genetics come from cherry punch and ethos cookies #4. End Game TPL has an aroma that puts my nose straight into a bakery. Its berry and tart overtones are faceted by a creamy and skunk undertone. When you grind this up, it dominates the airspace with its myriad of scents. The berries and cream are quite profound; we get this trait from the mother plant Cherry Punch. We can surmise that the gassy and skunky smell we get comes straight from the

Ethos Cookies #4, which is known for its orange and gasoline fragrance. We know Ethos for their passion and undying effort used to create their stable genetics. End Game “The Punch Line” has its place for every user due its “hybrid” traits. It gives you energy, but not too much that it forces you out of relaxation. You can feel a tingle starting in your nose that traces its way to your toes.

You can use this strain to unleash that creative side, work out or make mowing the lawnenjoyable. On the other side of this flexible strain, you can use it to enjoy a good book, movie, oreven a solid nap!

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