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Brand: ADK

ADK – Black Maple Pre-roll – 1.4g


This hybrid of Dulce De Uva and Sherbanger from Bloom Seed Co. is named after a common species of maple tree that produces sap used to make maple syrup. Given the connection, I expected notes of caramel, dates, vanilla or maybe even a little bourbon in my Black Maple weed jar. Re-creating such a specific sweetness in cannabis isn’t easy, however, and Black Maple falls well short of doing so. That doesn’t mean I dislike the strain, though. Far from it.

Black Maple reminds me more of white grapes and sandalwood than maple syrup, but Dulce De Uva literally translates to “grape candy” in Spanish, so that flavor profile shouldn’t be a shocker. Once I got past the non-maple flavor and lack of fall connection, my basic-ass sensibilities fell in love with Black Maple for what it was: a delicious strain with an extraordinary daytime high.

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