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2G Dual Chamber – Bubble Gum Gelato/ Cotton Candy Breath


Step into the world of sweet indulgence with our Bubble Gum Gelato and Cotton Candy Breath duo, housed in our signature Deuces dual-chamber tank. On one side, Bubble Gum Gelato tantalizes with its creamy sweetness and hints of nostalgic bubble gum flavor. Meanwhile, Cotton Candy Breath on the other side offers a sugary delight that’ll leave you craving more. Both strains deliver the soothing and relaxing effects characteristic of indica varieties, perfect for unwinding after a long day and melting away stress. Operate Deuces effortlessly with the added button features. Tap once to switch between flavors, or double-tap to enjoy a blend of both sensations. Whether you prefer to savor each flavor individually or create a unique fusion, Deuces empowers you to customize your journey. Double your enjoyment with our Bubble Gum Gelato and Cotton Candy Breath combo – because why settle for two flavors when you can have three?

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About the brand :

To Bodega Boyz, cannabis is an obsession. Born and raised in NYC, we are keeping and living New York City culture wherever we go. We are an Oklahoma based company that strives to bring you the best product in the market.

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