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Brand: 1906

1906 – Sleep Drops Pouch – 2 Pills


Sleep Drops are the only sleeping pills made for modern life: no prescription, no sleep dependency, no next-day drowsiness. Sleep Drops are formulated with a microdose of THC, CBD, and CBN for the trifecta of cannabinoids to relax both mind and body. CBN (cannabinol) in combination with THC and CBD provides extra sedative benefits by fine-tuning your sleep-wake cycles to help folks fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

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About the brand :

1906 is named for the last time cannabis was nationally accepted as a beneficial, versatile medicine. We believe it’s high time to bring cannabis back to the mainstream for the greater good (and the greater fun). Our mission is to revolutionize self-care with more effective, more accessible options for everyday needs. We have created six thoughtfully-engineered formulas to help you do all the life stuff better—whether that’s improving energy levels, relaxation, focus, mood, sex, or sleep. Each formulation is an optimal combination of medicinal plants and single-strain pesticide free cannabis. Every 1906 experience—whether it’s chocolate or a swallowable pill–contains a patented technology that makes it the fastest-acting edible in the world, with an onset of 20 minutes or less.

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