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Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates are a great way to enjoy the effects of marijuana in a more concentrated form. Concentrates are created by extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes from the marijuana plant, leaving behind a powerful, highly concentrated product. Concentrates come in a variety of forms, including wax, shatter, hash,resin and oil. 

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Know Your options

Concentrates can also be dabbed or vaporized for a more intense and immediate high. Dabbing is a method of consuming concentrates by heating them up and inhaling the vapor. You can use a dab rig, vape pen, or portable vaporizer to make concentrates easier to consume. Vaporizing is another method of consuming concentrates, where the concentrate is heated up and the vapor is inhaled. 

Getting Started

When it comes to consuming concentrates, it’s important to be aware of the potency of the product. Concentrates can contain up to 80% THC, making them much more potent than smoking marijuana. Additionally, the effects from concentrates tend to be more intense and longer lasting than smoking marijuana. Because of this, it’s important to start slow and be aware of how much you’re consuming. 

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Experience Something New

When purchasing concentrates, be sure to read the label carefully. Many concentrates are made with a variety of ingredients, including sugar, gluten, dairy, and artificial flavors and colors. Additionally, concentrates may have added cannabinoids like CBD or CBN, so be sure to read the label to know what you’re getting. 

Because concentrates are so strong, you only need a small amount to get the desired effects, which is great for your time, energy and wallet. As they are so high in THC, the effects of concentrates are much stronger than other cannabis products and they are ideal for those needing quick pain relief or a more intense psychoactive experience.. Just make sure to read the label carefully and start slow, so you don’t over-indulge. Enjoy!

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